Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Late Update

It's been quite some time since we last posted. We made it through Shenandoah National Park without seeing a single bear. We had a few days of nice beautiful weather before the temperature just got too hot to handle. As we walked down out of Shenandoah, as Ian so nicely put it, we walked right into spring. It was as if we were in a whole new world, suddenly everything was green and lush and colorful. 

Right before Harper's Ferry Ian's grandmother got very sick. Luckily we were so close to Washington DC so he was able to get a flight back to Seattle, but unfortunately she passed away before he made it back. At least he was able to be with his family for the funeral. During this time I hung out in Camp Hill, PA with a friend from college. I am very grateful for her flexibility and hospitality. 

We got back on the trail just after Boiling  Springs, PA so we have passed the halfway mark! The beginning of Pennsylvania was nice and flat, a lot of fields, very easy going. The last couple days of Pennsylvania though have been pretty miserable. There are more rocks in the last 100 miles of PA than anywhere else I've ever been and most of them are turned with the sharp end up. 

We did get to hike through a superfund site yesterday where they used to smelt was pretty interesting, with some great views of the surrounding towns due to the hillside not having many trees from the soil acidity, but the boulder field leading up to it was so insane. 

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  1. Hi Ian and Hannah, Nice to find your journal, wonderful pictures. We met you at Rausch Gap Shelter and hope to treat y'all to dinner at the Inn at Long Trail in Vermont when you get there (they are closed until May 22). You might consider taking the blue blaze Sherbourne Pass Trail directly to the Inn instead of white blazes that cross the road a mile downhill. Happy Trails. Love from Shakedown Cruise & RevC.